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To Download Appraisal Navigatorâ„¢:

For first time users of the Appraisal Navigatorâ„¢ Program, click on the link below to begin download.

Download Appraisal Navigator v4.3 Full Install (To install on Vista, see next link)

If you are a Vista user, click on the link below for additional installation information.  Please be aware that Vista is still having some issues.  We recommend using Windows XP.

Additional installation instructions for Vista installs

If you already have Appraisal Navigatorâ„¢ installed on your computer, click on the link below to upgrade to the latest version.

Download Appraisal Navigator v4.3 Upgrade Install (7 Meg) (For Vista, see link above)

To listen to an instructional audio that will walk you through creating a sample appraisal report, click on the link below. (This is an audio only, not a video)

Appraisal Navigator Audio Instructions (7.12Meg)

Thank you

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