Members Only

This section is for members only.  Please read to the end of this section.

Passcode for Appraisal Navigator Computer Program 

1.  You must be a current member.  If you need to renew your membership, click 'Renew your Membership' on the right.  Follow directions exactly.  You will need to setup a member account then you renew.

2.  You will need your member login and passcode.  You set that up yourself by clicking the 'Member Login' on the right.  If you are a current member and have have not set up your member web account,  click 'Member Login' on the right.

3. Click the link below to get to the login page.

Click here to Log into your member account

4. Click the 'Your Account' button on the left side column.  Your account will have 3 tabs at the top: 'Your Account', 'CAGA Member info' and 'CAGA Downloads'.  ***You will need to do a download to get the appraisal program unlocked.***

'Your Account' - is your mailing information.

'CAGA Member Info' - is what will be placed in the 'appraiser search' on the CAGA web site.  You can make changes to your information.

'CAGA Downloads' - is for getting either your full version or an upgrade.  Click the 'Instructions' button.  Then follow the instructions. 

After you complete the download then: 

1 turn off your computer
2.  Turn your computer back on.  
3.  Then start the Appraisal Navigator
4.  The program will automatically unlock and be ready to use.

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